The Lion's Walkway 

The Lion's Walkway, also known as The Great Lake Walkway is a 12km long shared walkway and cycle path along the lake front.  The trail is grade one, making it perfect for riders of all ages and abilities, and provides amazing views of the lake and Mt Ruapehu, Mt Tongariro and Mt Ngauruhoe. The path can be joined at any point along the trail, with plenty of places to stop, have a picnic, take in the views and take a swim in the cool (and sometimes hot!) water.

This ride is suitable for our Discovery 2 and Copenhagen cruiser bikes, as well as a child tandem or trailer. 

Key Info:

  • Distance: 12km long

  • Grade: 1

  • Estimated Ride Time: 1-2Hours

  • Toilets are located along the trail.


For a guided ride through check out the video below:

This video is used courtesy of Love Taupo.  For more information on this ride, check out their website.

The Rotary Ride

If you fancy a little bit more exploration, then this is the ride for you. The Rotary Ride takes you from Spa Park through to Huka Falls, beginning with a leisurely 5.5km ride down to the falls. The trail is a grade 2 ride, suitable for a range of riders. The trail follows through fantastic native bush, with plenty of places to stop and take a photo. There are also several places to grab a bite to eat at the Huka Falls kiosk or have picnic and a break before making the journey back.

If you are feeling like a longer ride, the longer 7km trail to the Aratiatia Dam which is suitable for cyclists who are more confident. This trail starts with a slight climb which eases after a short distance, and is best done on one of our Avanti Discovery 2 bikes or a mountain bike.

Key Info:

  • Distance: 11 - 26 Km

  • Grade : 2 - Suitable for most cyclists and older children

  • Estimated Ride Time: 2-3hours or 4-5 with Aratiatia dam loop.

  • Toilets are available at the start and finish of the ride.


To see some of the scenery you can ride through, watch the video below:

This video is used courtesy of Love Taupo. For more information on this ride, check out their website.