Terms & Conditions of Hire:

1.       Interpretation

“Hirer” means any person or group booking equipment from Bikes on Taupo

“Hire period” means the period of time that is specified on The Hirer’s booking form that permits The Hirer to take possession of and use the equipment

“Equipment” means all bikes and other items available for hire from Bikes on Taupo

2.       Booking

2.1. The Hirer confirms that all personal information supplied to Bikes on Taupo is correct

2.2. The Hirer must be aged 18 years or over

3.       Payment and additional charges

3.1. All hire contracts will be processed by a credit card payment only

3.2. Payment must be made to Bikes on Taupo before The Hirer is able to take possession of the equipment, unless agreed in writing by Bikes on Taupo

3.3. Bikes on Taupo will retain a copy of The Hirer’s credit card and identification for the duration of the hire and until the satisfactory return of the bikes and/or equipment

3.4. The Hirer authorises Bikes on Taupo to debit the Hirer’s credit card for any and all monies owing in respect to the hire, and in the case of damaged, lost or late returned bikes and equipment

3.5. The Hirer will be informed of any charges relating to damaged, lost or late bikes/equipment upon the conclusion of the Hire Period and the post-hire checklist completion

4.       Refunds

4.1. Bikes on Taupo regrets that no refund, either whole or part can be given under any circumstance once the hire agreement has been signed by The Hirer

a.       Where possible, alternative arrangements may be made at the discretion of Bikes on Taupo

 5.       Responsibilities of Hirer

5.1. The Hirer agrees to follow all New Zealand laws and regulations during the Hire Period

5.2. The Hirer agrees to use the equipment in a proper and safe manner

5.3. The Hirer understands that New Zealand law requires the use of a helmet at all times when operating a bicycle and agrees to use a helmet at all times whilst using a bicycle hired from Bikes on Taupo

5.4. The Hirer must ensure that any persons under the age of 18 wear a helmet while using a bicycle, baby seat, child trailer or child tandem hired from Bikes on Taupo  

5.5. The Hirer accepts all responsibility for the care and security of all equipment for the duration of the Hire Period

a.       The Hirer is responsible for all loss and damage (including without limitation: loss or damage from fire, accident, theft, misuse and attempts at normal maintenance as would be performed on your own bike) to the bike and/or any accessories provided by Bikes on Taupo

b.      The Hirer is responsible for compensating for the full cost of repairing any damage or replacing equipment, regardless of the cause of the damage or loss, including the cost of enforcing this release

5.6. The Hirer accepts responsibility for any persons under the age of 18 for ensuring the correct use of hired equipment and its return in a satisfactory manner

6.       Liability

6.1. The Hirer acknowledges that there are inherent risks associated with cycling, including weather conditions, collisions, accidents and illness, which may cause injury to oneself or to others, or may damage property, and accepts responsibility for these risks

6.2. The Hirer agrees to indemnify Bikes on Taupo for any responsibility or liability in the case of injury or damage whilst cycling suffered by The Hirer or any other persons

a.       This exclusion is subject to any rights and remedies that are provided under the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993